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NEW!  The Children's Center now offers a FREE FULL DAY PRESCHOOL class for qualifying families.  FREE PRESCHOOL

Meet the Owner

Mary Wardlaw, is a local mom of 4 and holds the degree of child development specialist.  Mary's parents, both teachers, inspired her love for education and for 22 years she has been working in the field of early childhood.

Along with the finest early education, we are excited to offer you some very special features.  
  • Free Diapers
  • Secure Fingerprint Scan Entry
  • Email reports with pictures and video of your child sent to you daily
  • ZooPhonics reading program for toddlers through Kindergarten.

Please visit our testimonial page to see what other parents are saying, or to take a virtual tour of our program!

 The Children's Center now offers a FREE FULL DAY PRESCHOOL (GSRP) program for 4 year-olds.  Click Here for more information.


The Children’s Center proudly provides Cuties Care All Inclusive Diapering Products for all of our infants & young toddlers while at school.

Communication has
never been easier! 

With our Tadpoles communication tool we bring you daily updates of your child's activities through confidential reports, pictures and even video - sent directly to your email inbox.

Our literacy program is FUN and effective